We Eat With Our Eyes

Pinterest is massive. If you’ve spent any time on there, you will understand the vortex of time. It’s like the most gigantic vision board you can ever imagine. You might only plan on visiting the site for 5 mins for some inspiration however you end up being sucked into this time warp where you lose track of time and you become this walking visionary from all the motivational tips, recipes for green smoothies or how to make a pallet table pins.

There are some true gems though. If you sort through all the food, fashion and DIY things you can find some very informative content.

So for those who havent really had a lot to do with Pinterest. It’s a place to bookmark images and videos you seek out from around the web. In correct terms, these bookmarks are called “pins.” You pin theses to your own virtual cork board and are visible to other Pinterest users and you can see the boards of others as well.


So what do you actually do? How are you supposed to use it exactly?

1- go to Pinterest 

2- create a profile

3-  start pin-ing.

Anything that inspires you, pin it. Create a board for each style of pin. So you have collections easy to find and others can either follow your entire collections or just your board. Either way before you know it you will have re-pins and followers enjoying the eye candy with you.

Also you can pin even whilst your on the go. Check out what tools you can choose from.

So.. what does this have to do with business? you may ask. You see if you are a product based business and have shit hot product photos pin them to your business page. If you are a restaurant pin your beautifully plated meals, encourage your customers  to pin photos of their dining experience, if you are a beauty parlour you can pin before and after photos, a yoga master pin different positions and wellness tips, a hairdresser PIN your before and after shots,  You get it right! There is something to pin for everyone and chances are your ideal perfect client has either been using Pinterest for ages or they are about to start using it.

Assuming people use it as it’s been intended, your images can be pinned and anyone who clicks on them will be taken to your site. Which inturns generates traffic to your blog, increase signups to your database AND you can even encourage them to signup to your Facebook page.


Pinterest has had massive growth and has taken some market share from other platforms.

2 take aways for you

1- to find out what has been shared/pinned of yours type into your browser http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomainname.com

2- Pinterest is indexed by the search engines plus it has its own pretty powerful search facility. Make sure you have well thought out keywords and descriptions in use so your boards and pins can be found.

So come on over and join me in all the fun on Social Synergy’s Pinterest Page