Facebook Pages Redesign

[BREAKING NEWS] NEW Facebook Page Design

Facebook are always a changing something… They kinda have to be to stay current,  relevant and keep up with their own growth.

Last week Facebook announced yet another design change to business pages. These changes reinforce Facebook’s position on the importance of the news feed. Your news feed and your pages feed will now look the same.

The first sneak peak showed that they were removing the custom tabs from the main business page, this sent developers and business owners into a frenzy, after all this change would mean any contests, landing pages & opt in forms would be useless as there would be no custom tab area, then there were reports the custom tabs would be still accessible but via the ‘more’ tab under the cover image.


After so much negative feedback they received about the new layout and lack of visible custom tabs Facebook announced they have made space for custom tabs. The rest will be available under the more tab like previous from what we can tell. Who knows right? Facebook can and do what they like in the end.



This new page design is far more mobile friendly, considering there is roughly 75% of Facebook use is done via a mobile device.

Facebook will slowly roll this out, starting this week. If you have any questions or need help with something –I’m here to help. Facebook marketing is what I do.

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