Facebook Updates Their Algorithm Again For Link Baiting

Facebook has again updated their algorithm.. 

Becoming more and more like Google putting the fear of god into Facebook page manager.
Remember there is a particular role of Facebook which is to ensure consistent delivery of relevant news stories.
To get this relevancy they have to decide for us what stories we would want to see on a regular basis.
That’s a huge task! Let’s say for example every person logs on each day to facebook, there can be over 1500 new stories since the last time you checked your news feed.

Anything from your work colleagues massive all nighter, to their neighbors grandsons first birthday, to your BFF complicated relationship status change and the selfie of you and your new puppy going viral with your friends, their friends and then some!
So amongst the mix you also have in there the occasional business page update about their super dooper flash sale or their latest promotion and that we should get on it now!!
All whilst the pages you actually want to see updates from, gets lost in Facebooks desire of self help to maintain the news feed with as much relevance as possible to us!

That’s all good and well and as more and more people each day flock to the social media leader they have to continue to make micro adjustments regularly. 

The time is finally here to remove “click baiting” it’s been a long time coming. facebookclickbaiting
A lot of page owners and managers are freaking out and wanting to rally up their tribes and sing kumbaya my lord around their smart devices!
This can only be a good thing. You see, click and link baiting is deceptive, it’s where you promote one thing to encourage a click through to a link and you don’t deliver on what the intention of the headline offers. Or you ask your reader to comment rather than writing compelling and resonating content where the reader actually wants to comment on their own accord.
So before and after shots are a big contributor I’ve seen reputable companies do a before shot of a renovation and then entice a user to click through to see the after shot when really the article they have linked through hardly even justifies the clicking motion!
Facebook is determining themselves on what they classify as a click/link bait intention. Its based on the number of moments someone spends on the actual article itself obviously the longer one stays on the article page the more likely it is they are reading the actual content of that story.
Have you ever clicked on a story that someone has shared with a real catchy headline that has made you think oh wow yes please i want to know the answer to that? then you have clicked through only to go oh please! what a crock of shit and you go straight back to Facebook. There you have it that time frame you spent from the moment you clicked on the article link to the moment you returned to Facebook says it all!
What does click or link baiting mean for Facebook Pages?
  • It means you should be fine if you are treating your content correctly. 
  • It means that if you are being authentic to your fans and readers you should see an increase in Facebook reach and traffic.
  • It means you should be promoting your own articles and pulling traffic back to your own website. 
  • It means you need to BLOG!!
  • It means you can still share links from other pages however you need to ensure that what your sharing is a genuine article not some catchy headline that will generate that click metric a lot of social media experts have been craving. 
  • It means you need to be blogging!!!!!
  • It means you need to be blogging!!!!!
  • Did i mention? it means you need to be blogging!!!!!
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