Pinterest Buy Now Button

How many of you wish you could just buy all the beautiful, uber cool and gorgeous heels, handbags, clothes you see on Pinterest? Not me, welll err not handbags and heels. Perhaps gadgets, and books for me lol.

Well that dream may soon become a reality. Yep you read that correctly. Rumours have it that Pinterest are working on a ‘Buy Now’ button that will allow fellow pinners to purchase specific pins. So if you are a make-up company for example You may have a board dedicated to organic foundation and you could add a ‘buy now’ button to each item and therefore reach the masses of 70+ Million users worldwide.

Supposedly Recode reckon, By clicking the buy button, Pinterest users would be able to purchase products they pinned, however, Pinterest wouldn’t have any control of the sellers’ inventory, and would simply provide a way to purchase the items a user was pinning. The actual order processing would be performed by the seller.

According to recent statistics, over 60% of Pinterest’s user base is female, meaning the new button is going to bring a lot of opportunity and chance to market to women.

Pinterest are not alone in this area of Social Commerce r&d.. Twitter and Facebook are also attempting to tap into that untouched market and are yet to launch something officially. I’m sure it will end up being a battle of the Social Media Giants.

So if your looking to make use of the Pinterest Buy Now Button and your Ideal Perfect Client is a woman, 25-50 and you have a physical product that you can ship. You need to get your pinterest boards up and running with professional looking product shots, your keywords optimised and your followers engaged because this may just be the very platform to kick off the Social Commerce movement I keep banging on about.