Facebook Business Pages – Call To Action Button

One of the changes made to Facebook this year was going to be the addition of a ‘Call To Action’ button.

This button is meant to help Page admins and business owners get a little more traction from those visiting their Facebook page. Cause after all Facebook has fucked our reach these days!

The Facebook Call To Action Button was rolled out in the US and UK at the end of last year, it has now hit Australian users as of today.

Below is how you can set it up for your page.


1Step 1 – Located at the bottom of your pages cover image is the ‘Create Call-To-Action’ button. It should be located besides the like/d button. You will need to go to your actual page in your browser. Not on you mobile mind you. Then click on the Create Call-To-Action button.


Step 2 – This is where you choose the type of call to action you want to give, the website you are going to send them when the call to action is clicked and if you have a separate site address that is mobile friendly then you can put this in here also under the mobile website section. (you shouldnt need this if you have a modern site. Most developers these day automatically build responsive websites – where the website code responds and loads based on knowing what device you are on when viewing the site).

Make sure you choose the best wording for the button. Choose what best suits the type of action you want the prospect to do, eg download if you have a report or something to physically download, sign-up if you are sending them to your opt-in for your list.


Step 3 – Pretty easy choice here. Where will you send them if they are clicking the button on an iPhone or iPad device? If the button is either going to be sending your prospect to a website or to an app.

You will then have to do the same for an android device on the next screen.



Step 4 – Boom-Shucka-Lucka! Your Call-To-Action button is now created and ready to use.

Personally? I would have created a whole new funnel just for this call to action so I can measure just how many people are using the physical button. You do have access to the stats from Facebook they will appear on the right hand side of your cover image above the page likes stats section.

Just remember though that just adding the CTA button to your Facebook page will not increase traffic to your website. Driving Facebook users to a webpage or app requires a social media strategy that uses all available marketing channels (email, social media, your website, etc.)

That said, the cost of adding it to your page (the three minutes it takes to create it) is worth at least testing it on your Page and seeing how you go.





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