Responding to Criticism on Social Media

Social media is a great platform for your business or club to showcase and enhance their brand. It has the opportunity to bring your brand and customer together, but it can also open the door to negative feedback and criticism.

It could be an angry customer complaining about their latest experience, or an ex employee having what I believe should be referred to as Social Diarrhea – (coined right there ya hear! lol), or even a competitor spying on your interactions, these scenarios happen to everyone at some point in time.

So the question is: How do you handle a negative comment on your business page? Here are some tips to help you respond on social media:


You should always be monitoring what consumers are saying about your business. The only thing worse than receiving negative feedback, is not knowing that you’re being talked about so you can respond accordingly! Monitor keywords that your business relies on and social interactions to know exactly what’s being said about you.


Now that you know what is being said (cause you have been monitoring), you need to decide whether negative feedback is actually true or false. Are your customers telling the truth? It’s better to acknowledge a negative comment, than ignore them. It’s important to remember that social conversations happen online where anyone can chime in and where anyone can really view it so any response is a reflection of your brand. This means you need to take time to decide whether the criticism justifies you to have to respond.


Consumers these days expect a same day response to their feedback you should acknowledge the issue or complaint as soon as possible. This helps consumers feel heard, and also encourages them to work with you because you’re showing that you care. Remember that social media helps you personalise your brand. You should treat customers with manners and respect as you respond to their feedback don’t just stick your fingers in your ears and sing lalalalalalala. dont-ignore-your-customer-complaints

Let it Go

The truth is, you can’t please everyone or satisfy every critic. However, you should make an effort to show your potential customers that you actually care. Being seen giving a “shit” will only make you look good in the eyes of your existing customers and any future ones reading it will notice your quick and professional handling of the situation.