How To Deal With Negative Fairytale Syndrome

Having Trouble With All The Negative Storytelling You Are Doing?

Negative all the time?

I have a mini challenge for you…
Because a lot of people I have been speaking to lately all have one thing in common.

You have to get out of your own way. So here is how I recovered from what I call NFS – Negative Fairytale Syndrome (my self diagnosis).

You have to start at the very beginning.
Be honest with yourself! Forget everyone else for a minute..

Are you happy?
Are you enjoying what you are doing for a living? Whether it is a day job or you are creating your legacy.

Peel it back, when you think about your day starting do you look forward to it, or do you moan and groan at the thought of getting up and at em.

My suggestion to you if you are not excited about things, starting a new day, or find yourself being negative all the time is to do these three things.

1- Get grateful, yep I know what you are thinking… your kidding right? Do you know how many people are all positive and hocus-pocus right now its doing my head in? haha yes. Yes i hear you but you know what? it works!

So find three things at the end of the day that you are grateful for. It might be you are grateful for the warm hugs from your children or partner, the warming sunshine, the nutritious and healthy food your family has access to, it might be for the smile you got from a stranger, the smell of gardenias wafting as you enter the driveway or that glass of wine you consumed with dinner.

Make sure you do this at night as you are getting ready for bed. After a few days of doing this in a row you will find you sleep better, wake up happier and in general feel a lot lighter.

2- Try and become aware of when you are telling yourself those negative stories in your head. Like, oh here we go again, or that would be right, I can’t do that, or bad luck comes in three. Why me? When you are aware of this negative story telling it becomes easier to stop it in its tracks.
When you pick yourself up doing this say to yourself, shutup negative nancy! and turn that thought into something more positive. You could say. Yay another opportunity to learn something, wow this is going to be a challenge lets give it a go.
After several days of doing this you will start re-training your thought pattern to be more productive and positive.

3- Breathe. Practise taking deep breaths when you feel yourself having a moment. You know the moment where you have not stopped the negative talk going on in your head in time and its reaching that point where you start to feel funny in your tummy. Just breathe. Take 3 long Deep breaths. Re-frame it with a positive thought and move on! The breathing stops those negative thoughts from festering and turning into complete overwhelm.

These 3 steps are what I use daily to increase the health of my mind and overcoming anxiety. I have been practising these religiously everyday for almost a year now and my mind automatically stops the negative shit my mind used to feed off, all by itself. Its like all of a sudden my mind is a muscle and all it has to do now is flex! Plus I write my gratefuls down in a little book, its really quiet mind blowing to see where I started.

So give these tips a go for a week. You might just find you want to do them daily moving forward :) Report back to me I would really love to hear how you go.

So starting right now. Tonight!
3 things you are grateful for.

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